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Welcome to Lanier Asset Management, LLC

Lanier Asset Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm with a mission: To Build Confidence and Security in Your Financial Future.  At Lanier, we deliver superior service and performance to our accredited investors as a result of four distinguishing elements:

  1. People:  We are experienced and educated, with decades of investment experience.  We are an independent firm, allowing us to provide objective advice with your best interests at the forefront.
  2. Investment Philosophy:  We seek to smooth investment returns by actively managing risk to reduce volatility.  We focus on projected returns rather than historic returns.  The goal is higher return with less risk – an investment philosophy that is similar to investment strategies used by the largest endowment funds including Yale and Harvard.
  3. Investment Process:  We combine active and passive management in the traditional asset classes of stocks and bonds, and complement portfolios with diversifying strategies / alternatives that add significant value while reducing risk.  We have access to the largest and most successful hedge fund managers in the world – a truly distinguishing feature of our firm.  Equally important is our access to proven strategies in private investments.
  4. Conviction:  We believe in our approach – this is how we invest our own money.


Our Philosophy

At Lanier Asset Management, we believe that achieving your financial goals will require an investment strategy that incorporates the realities of today’s investment landscape. Investors need more than the traditional asset mix of stocks and bonds that served them well in the 80's, 90's and 00's.  

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Our Process

Our process combines active and passive management in traditional asset classes and complements them with alternatives and and private investments. Our approach is designed to improve long-term results while simultaneously reducing risk.

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Meet Our Team

Our team of seasoned professionals leverages decades of investment and customer service experience to help our clients build confidence and security in their financial future.


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