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Our Firm

Lanier Asset Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm founded in 2009 with a mission: To Build Confidence and Security in Your Financial Future.   Lanier is focused on providing the highest quality service to a focused group of clients, where our interests are aligned and we are obligated to put your interests ahead of ours.  

Lanier is a fiduciary.  A fiduciary is an organization that acts on behalf of another person, putting their clients' interests ahead of their own.  Being a fiduciary requires being bound legally and ethically to act in your best interests.  Most advisors are NOT fiduciaries.  


Lanier's interests are aligned with your interests.  

  • We believe in earning a fair, transparent fee for our services
  • Our fees are asset-based:  we only make more when you make more
  • We have no financial incentive for recommending any investment products
  • We take no commissions
  • We take no trails or back door fees
  • We focus on low cost, value-adding investment products

Lanier focuses on a core group of clients.

  • We work with roughly 75 families
  • Our clients are highly intelligent, but not expert in investments
  • Our clients are highly successful, but also very busy with little or no time to manage/monitor their portfolios
  • Our clients recognize the value of dedicated professionals managing their risk holistically