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Concerns of an Economic Slowdown?                                                                 Join our Monthly Newsletter              June 2019                                                                                              

Carl W. Hafele, CFA, CFP

Co-Chief Investment Officer, Principal


Numerous economic indicators have recently pointed toward an economic slowdown versus last year’s 3% GDP growth rate – a rate that smilingly silenced the secular stagnation touters. Should we be concerned? Is the long overdue recession just around the corner?

Over twenty years ago, I wrote an article about the drivers of stock returns by each decade. We have updated my research and the numbers vividly illustrate that an economic slowdown or slowing earnings are not necessarily bad for stock returns.

The 1950’s and 1980’s were both super decades for stock investors and experienced a very “Goldilocks” moderate earnings growth. The keys – low / falling inflation and low beginning valuation levels. In contrast, the 1970’s and 2000’s were terrible decades – one influenced by increasing inflation and decreasing valuation, the latter simply from high beginning PE multiples. And oh those 1990’s – our version of the Roaring 20’s.

So where are we now as we are about to embark on a new decade? We emphatically believe in the importance of solid economic policies. Low tax rates produce more incentives, higher GDP and solid earnings growth. Valuation levels are quite normal in a low inflationary environment. The growth of big government and excessive regulations has been thwarted.

We believe earnings can continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace than the most recent years. Stocks should return a moderate 6-8% annually with volatility measures being hot and cold.

As always, our philosophy includes having exposure to the traditional asset classes of stocks and bonds augmented with owning alternative investments to materially decrease risk and lower correlation to the overall market.



Carl W. Hafele, CFA, CPA, is Co-Chief Investment Officer and Principal at Lanier Asset Management. He is also an instructor in Finance and Economics for the MBA program at Bellarmine University.

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